We buy and sell scrap. Some of the materials we handle are Scrap steel, Tin, Car Bodies, Car Batteries, Aluminum Cans, Copper, Brass, Radiators, Stainless steel, and Aluminum. Please keep in mind to drain vehicles, equipment and appliances of any liquid.

We spend most of our time processing, but we do offer a customer friendly yard, sucker rod for sale(call for availability) demolition, on site recycling, Roll off boxes, ability to service on site & remote locations. Give us a call today!!



Due to market changes please call for pricing… Please call our Dickinson location 701-227-4947

Robertson Metal Recycling LLC is a family owned and operated business that specializes in buying recyclable metals, construction demolition, heavy equipment and used steel sales. This business was started as R&N Hide & Fur in 1981 in Hettinger, ND specializing in Hides, Fur and Scrap. In 1992 R&N went to strictly scrap. The Dickinson location was purchased in 2016 and became Robertson Metal Recycling LLC.