Prepared Iron: 3 foot long by 18 inches wide, 1/8” thick minimum, EXCEPTIONS ARE: drained engine blocks and cast iron tractors, NO PLASTIC or NON Ferrous Metals.

Unprepared Iron: Larger than 3 foot by 2, free of sealed gases and oil, no plastic or other non-ferrous metals. For Example: Farm Equipment

NON-Ferrous Material:

Tin/Cars/Shred- light gauge sheet, Appliances, automobiles, shocks, propane tanks, aerosol cans, propane tanks, shocks. AEROSOL CANS MUST HAVE HOLES PUNCHED AND DRAINED

Copper ▪Bare Bright ▪#1 ▪#2 ▪#2 Dirty ▪8A (2/1 cable) ▪6A(2/1 cable)

Aluminum Cans (clean/dirty) – Aluminum Beverage Cans ONLY!!

No CAT FOOD CANS, No Aerosol cans, No bottle tops, or foil.

Aluminum: Sheet Clean, Extrusion Clean, Cast Clean, Breakage, ACSR Wire, Car Wheels Truck Wheels.

▪Brass ▪Yellow ▪Red ▪Dirty ▪Hard ▪Shells ▪Heater Cores ▪Turnings ▪Ad Brass

Insulated Wire: #1, #2, Large, Medium and Small Jelly Wire

Lead ▪Clean ▪Dirty/Wheel weights

Radiators ▪Clean Copper Brass ▪Dirty Copper Brass ▪Copper Aluminum

Stainless Steel ▪Clean ▪Dirty ▪

Auto Batteries:

▪Electric Motors ▪Steel Case ▪Sealed Units ▪Aluminum Starters ▪Alternators